• Smoke Alarm “LIGHT GREY”
  • Smoke Alarm “LIGHT GREY”
  • Smoke Alarm “LIGHT GREY”
  • Smoke Alarm “LIGHT GREY”
  • Smoke Alarm “LIGHT GREY”
  • Smoke Alarm “LIGHT GREY”
  • Smoke Alarm “LIGHT GREY”
  • Smoke Alarm “LIGHT GREY”

The smallest domestic smoke alarm in the world

6.000 KWD

  • SK-20 is the smallest domestic smoke alarm in the world, this stylish smoke alarm operated by a 3V lithium battery for 10 year lifetime.
  • SK-20 smoke alarm utilizes photoelectric detection technology to sense smoke from different fires. Unit have a sensing chamber which uses a beam of light and a light sensor. Smoke particles entering the chamber change the amount of light that reaches the sensor. The alarm sounds when the smoke density reaches a preset level. The smoke alarm is equipped a self-diagnostic and checking feature to ensure correct operation through its service life.
  • The device builds the buzzer as a test button on the front cover, however if false alarms occur, the button can be used to silence the sound for 10 minutes.
  • The batteries is sealed in the detector, No need to replace. After 10 years of powered operation, an audible warning will occur indicating that the detector should be replaced. In case of the horn will pulse on three times for 10ms separately by 330ms every 43 seconds to warm to replace the detector. When battery come to the end of life, the smoke alarm will release short chirps to warn from low batteries. The detector It is strongly recommended to replace the detector immediately when the low battery warning begins.

Product Features

  •  Photoelectric sensor for ultimate protection.
  •  Big Test/Silence button at front cover for more convenient user interaction.
  •  10 years lithium battery – no battery changes for ever.
  • 5-year warranty against manufacturer defects.
  •  Install simply and quickly using screws (included) or almost instantly with unique 3M VHB adhesive tape.
  •  Test: button for testing smoke alarm’s correct functioning when push the button more than 0.5 seconds.
  •  Silence function to silence false alarms and temporally desensitizing smoke alarm, just press and release at once.
  •  Low Battery warning or The Chamber test fail warning: If either the low battery test or the chamber test fails, the horn will beep 10ms every 43 seconds until the failing condition passes. If two consecutive chamber test fails, the horn will pulse on three times for 10ms, separated by 330ms every 43 seconds, Each of the two supervisory test audible indicators is separated by approximately 20 seconds.
  •  Low battery hush: If a low battery condition exists, the horn will be silenced for 8 hours after pressing the test button.
  •  End of Life Indicator: After 10 years of powered operation, an audible warning will occur indicating that the detector should be replaced.
  •   Local Alarm Memory: the feature allow easy identification of any unit that had previously been in a Local Alarm condition.
  •  Approval: EN14604:2005 by LPCB & VDS
  • Local Approval: Kuwait Fire Force

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